Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lonely survey sojourn!

Yesterday ( Saturday )saw me on Jura all day undertaking more observations over the Sound of Islay. The weather was brighter, even sunny at times, but any accompanying warmth was stripped away by the penetrating NW wind.

It was a fairly quiet day with no exciting episodes on offer. Some further indications of spring's arrival occurred in the form of moving Curlew and Shelduck, more Razorbill being in evidence and odd gulls moving through. Black Guillemots in stunning summer plumage whirred around the Sound and splashed and chased in furious display, all against a background of an azure sea and hills bathed in bright sunlight. Until the next shower came, with a corresponding drop in temperature enough to put off even the most amorous individuals....clearly Black Guillemots don't think like humans however, more precisely me, whose attentions repeatedly turned to rain gear, shelter and comfort!!!

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