Friday, February 25, 2011

24th February,2011.

Finally managed to get away from more formal things and see a few birds whilst working! With word that the first spring migrants have arrived in the south I have to speculate on whether they'd survive if they got this far!! having said that things did improve yesterday as far as the weather was concerned and there was even a short period of sun.

Such did little for birdlife other than persuade the odd Song Thrush it was time for a warm up and a few ducks to put on a display! Birds of prey are much in evidence with Buzzards sailing around at odd locations, and both Merlin and Sparrowhawk being seen at a couple of places. The only real indicator that things were changing was evidence of Curlews passing through with several singles and a couple of small groups beating north with focussed determination. The next few days look as if they will be both calmer and warmer, which will be a bonus for survey work after the wet, windy misty utter rubbish weather of late!

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