Saturday, February 5, 2011

4th February,2011

Little to report in reality as the weather has been so bad and dominated everything. Yesterday, Thursday, the wind started to rise in the morning, following our having received a good covering of snow overnight here to the west of Inverness. The wind soon gained in intensity and doubtless initiated the move into the shelter of nearby woodlands of 6 Roe Deer hinds ,which crossed a large stubble field and cut across the garden, much to the consternation of the dogs!! Lashing rain followed and the conditions appeared to trigger a feeding frenzy on and around the bird feeders, which included several Yellowhammer and Tree Sparrow.

Overnight into Friday things gradually subsided but then, mid morning on the 4th, it snowed again throughout the afternoon. This coupled with the heavy rain yesterday has produced many large "lagoons" of water and any drainage ditches are running at full bore. Better things can only follow.....

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