Saturday, February 5, 2011

5th February,2011.

A much calmer and better day, although a bit cold. There was even the odd snatch of birdsong and the absence of numbers of Yellowhammer and Tree Sparrow feeding in the garden suggested that the pressure was off!

Much of the day was given over to "domestic duties" but a trip into nearby Beauly saw a gathering of Whooper Swans and some Pink-footed Geese in a stubble field with a couple of lenses of water. The geese were picking around the stubble, but the geese were enjoying a real good "puddle" in the part under water. A fine sight, totally undisturbed by passing traffic and literally just over the hedge and roadside verge.

Passerine numbers, other than titmice and Chaffinches, still appear low but a couple of Siskin in the nearby woodlands were a nice surprise. Thrushes seem to be virtually absent.

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