Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The final chapter ( at least on this occasion ). 28/5/2011.

Early morning saw us set off again into the Peak District in a quest to see Ring Ousel. The weather was not kind with low cloud, drizzle, poor visibility and the like. We parked up near to Stannage Edge where we could usefully keep a fairly extensive length of the gritsone outcrop under surveillance. When all seemed likely to end in frustration a male Ring Ousel saw fit to swoop down, across an expanse of emerging bracken on to an area of relatively open grassland below. Whilst we lost it, the flight views were more than satisfactory, particularly in the conditions. Patience had paid off with, to boot, another couple of Stonechat nearby suggesting this quite local population was more than holding its own.

An amusing interlude amongst all this was when a cat , clearly from the farm just down the road, emerged from the bracken after unsuccessfully stalking the Stonechat pair, only to be chased down the road by two sheep who put some serious effort into their pursuit!

More formal matters then overtook the day......collecting the car, whose problems were thankfully resolved and having a new tyre fitted. Whilst we did fit in a visit to a couple of sites within our return journey, and went through some of my old "stamping ground" locations within the northern part of the Peak Park, for the present time this particular adventure now had to close. Successful, enjoyable and very memorable with many thanks to the Controller in the first week.

The evening ended with a family dinner, Matthew and Rose, Ashley and Mike and myself with a good time being had by all. We didn't know the Man United v Barcelona result at that point........

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