Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Return northwards. 29/5/2011.

An early start with an obvious long journey ahead. After such an intense and rewarding fortnight this day was something of an anticlimax. A mid morning message , as I passed northwards of Carlisle, that Long-tailed Skuas were again passing eastwards through the Solway Firth caused me to look skywards and muse that perhaps I was closer than I'd ever been previously and question how high they might be in their migration over land. I guess migration will always be one of the main motivating factors in my love of birds and birdwatching. Simply saying it's fascinating is a wholly inadequate description of such an absorbing, demanding , and still mystifying, activity taken by many of our bird species. Great stuff.

The journey proved uneventful, my arrival back at the house found no problems or surprises following the obvious battering the island had taken in the storms of the weekend before and I suppose now are two or three days ahead sorting out the inevitable jobs that arise following an absence and its constituent activities.

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