Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Odd surprises and a few concerns! 11.6.2011.

A day on Jura in fine weather but a keen NNW wind through the Sound. Whilst presence and movement of birds was a bit "limited", the sight of an adult Great Northern Diver flying north at around 200 feet was quite exciting as it went the whole length of the Sound. The large feet "dangling" from the rear and its full summer plumage all showed to good effect, plus it carrying its bill open as it moved through in very determined fashion, provided an entertaining interlude. Later I found another bird, feeding in the Sound, but not quite as advanced in plumage. Black Guillemots were quite active and in evidence with birds feeding at various spots, sitting out on rock slabs or moving around with their whirring flight.

Later a pod of at least seven Bottle-nosed Dolphins moved southwards, fed for a while in the central Sound, and then continued on their way. All appeared to be full adults, with the exception of one which was slightly less in size and bulk.

Later on I had the opportunity of checking out a Golden Eagle territory and was a little concerned to see both adults sitting out close to one another for quite a period and then the female soaring around at a distance from where the traditional eyrie is located. Because observations have to be carried out from a distance it's easy to miss one of the birds, but little attention appeared to be forthcoming from either of them with regard to their nest area and I finally wondered if they'd failed. Certainly there appears to be fewer Hen Harriers in evidence this year but, I guess on both accounts, the next few weeks will provide proof positive of the actual situation.

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