Friday, June 24, 2011

Sounds of summer. 23/6/2011

Routine day mopping up on some survey work in what was extremely pleasant weather. More young birds are now begining to appear which allows for "solid" confirmations on breeding for the BTO Atlas.Despite some periods of bad weather, where one might have expected ground nesting birds to be washed out in places, some waders seem to have done alright if their agitated behaviour is anything to go by. Odd birds are still in song , but the prevailing sounds are of young birds uttering somewhat feeble contact calls or their parents going ballistic at some element of disturbance!!

Good news on the discovery of the breeding grounds of White-faced Plover in Southern China. A tribute to diligence and good hunches! This should now provide a discrete opportunity at last to sort out the taxonomy of a bird which may yet be a species in its own right as opposed to a very distinctive relative of Kentish Plover.

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