Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Perspectives on Frampton Marsh RSPB Reserve.

I was so taken with my visit to the above reserve that I thought it worth setting out a selection of photographic shots I took whilst I was there. It's certainly worth a visit!

This is just a general view across the site with the reserve Centre in the far background and an impression of the site's features.

Another general view of the site in a different part of the site which also shows the retining embankment giving prtection too from any incursion of the sea across this very flat and exposed landscape.

The site's drainage is managed by an intensive pattern of ditches, which also play host to species like Sedge Warbler and Reed Warbler and doubtless many others too during migration times.

One of the interesting features on this reserve is this artificial "wall" which provides breeding sites for a very thriving colony of Sand Martin.

The reserve itself is located in a very open landscape and every effort has been made to provide nesting sites for bird species not directly associated with the wetland habitat. This nestbox "city" obviously serves such a process and assists in widening the species diversity of the reserve.

All in all an interesting site in a fascinating part of the English countryside.

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