Wednesday, December 17, 2008

16th December, 2008

Prompted by an E-mail enquiry from a friend in Yorkshire, who reads this Blog, and had noticed nothing being reported in the last few days I have to say that nothing much is happening in the sense of things changing very much!!! Whilst we always have a good assemblage of species "available" for people who visit, it's actually a bit difficult to keep banging on about them, you know Chough, Golden Eagle, 50,000
wintering geese including odd Lesser Canada geese, all those sorts of things!!! So, what is to be done? In that time honoured expression of Headmasters'," Armitage,
more effort is needed".

In response to the kind enquiries of my friend I can report that the nurse did turn up this morning to take me out to the nearest coastal headland, put the rug over my kness and make sure I was facing the sea ( it's the same one that looked after Mr Grace in " Are you being Served"? ). It turned out to be a cold breeze,which made my eyes run, and , therefore, looking out for fly-by Gyr Falcon, Little Auks and white gulls proved impossible.......

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