Friday, December 5, 2008

5th December, 2008.

Despite the glorious day it did little to lift peoples' spirits after recent events, a situation which will take more than a little while to alter.

Goose counting for Scottish Natural Heritage again but on my own "home territory" the Rinns. Contrasting against yesterday's comments we had a couple of "packs" of Barnacle Geese of 1000+ but the majority are in smaller numbers. I came across a Greenland White-fronted Goose wearing a numbered collar but , unfortunately, they all spooked before I had the time to get details. At least there is one in residence to look out for!!!

A nice flock of Golden Plover at Cladville along with Lapwing, and quite a concentration of feeding Curlew (ca. 100 )at Octomore, were nice to see coupled with a single Merlin at Kilchiaran, but little time to take in much else. Flocks of passerines seem in short supply although a couple of Redwing flocks encountered and odd ,small parties of Blackbirds in a few places suggested there had possibly been an arrival of birds given the poor weather across the eastern mainland.

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