Thursday, December 18, 2008

18th December,2008.

Both a mixed and rather poor day in many respects with early weather being an expression of the two and little around to hearten interest. And then all that changed.....

An E-mail from on high revealed the British Trust for Ornithology's Validation Module for the 2007-11 Atlas had been uploaded. An absolute tour de force and a fine tribute to the endeavour present within the organisation, particularly Dr.Iain Downie who has been engrossed with the development over a period of time. Now the work can begin in earnest to sift through the records generated for the first year of the project to check for any errors. Having taken a look at my area/records I have only found the odd mistake as yet and those relating , I believe, to typing mistakes. The system provides for an E-mail link back to the original observer so that the matter can be resolved. I'm sure many of us will not be able to resist stealing away for the odd peek over the Christmas period......what's that about boys and toys!!!

Many congratulations to the "extended" BTO Atlas team, yours is very much a deserving and restful Christmas.

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