Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3rd December, 2008.

A blanket of sadness has descended over the island at the news that, yesterday evening, a tragic accident occurred wherein two adults and a young lad, all locals from up the road, were killed in a traffic accident when their vehicle, in trying to avoid a cow which had strayed on the road, hit a lorry. In an island community, where everyone knows everyone, without them necessarily being close friends, such a loss nonetheless is keenly felt. All our thoughts are with those left behind.

Staying locally generated very little, although, strangely enough, a few, new aspects emerged at home associated with the feeding station!! Suddenly three Dunnocks are present, a bird commented on before as not being all that common on Islay. Additionally an immature female Sparrowhawk dropped in over the wall and proceeded to "stalk" a couple of very frightened Chaffinches which had dived into the middle of Number Two bush!! The hawk raised itself high on its long legs and , leaning forward,went into the bush to emerge 2m away on the other side where, a couple of seconds previously, the finches had erupted in panic!! I've never seen such behaviour previously.

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