Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1st December, 2008.

Tentative mobility initially then passed all the tests so back in business!!!

Had a look for Waxwings which had been reported previously but they'd obviously moved on from the village, which is hardly surprising given the limited amount of food present. The sea is now somewhat quiet but worth a scrutiny given the possibility of " white winged" gulls or even Little Auks.

Of interest on my return was a single Coal Tit feeding voraciously on seed I'd put out. This is the first titmouse I've ever had in the garden ( to my knowledge ) in three years despite the conifer forests opposite. Whether it's a local bird or part of what appears to have been a noticeable arrival into the UK of autumn migrants can only be guessed at!

Progressively working through bird photographs on a DVD kindly sent on by Barry Lancaster ( Australia ) based on our Ethiopia trip in March was an absolute joy. What a country for birding. Quite a hard trip in some respects but well worth it!!

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