Sunday, February 15, 2009

14th February,2009.

Thankfully a little less misty which made it worthwhile going out. Birds generally are still not that numerous and it's very much a question of " meeting old friends" on any local outing. This morning proved to be no exception with the Lapwing and Golden Plover still being in evidence, a few thrushes, but little out on the open hill. The usual culprits appear to be at any feeding station, either in the village or elsewhere, but, at least down here, with a noticeable lack of Greenfinches. A female Sparrowhawk visited the garden yet again and repeated its "diving into the bush" trick after the birds that had sought shelter below.

Corvids were to the fore with several Ravens being optimistic and indulging in brief aerial antics. A party of eight Chough locally, birds I've not seen too often around home in this new year.

Viewing over the sea provided a forlorn picture with little in evidence although, gradually, the numbers of Common Gull are begining to increase , as has Herring Gulls previously. Patience and persistence as better days are sure to come!!

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