Sunday, February 22, 2009

21st February, 2009.

A day of distinct parts! Fine but with quite heavy mist appearing in the evening.

Completed some of the strand stretches for the Beached Bird Survey run by the RSPB.In recent years the incidence of oiled birds appears to have thankfully diminished. In times past bird corpses could sometimes be found on many beaches outside of the major and tragic oil spill incidents which occasionally took place when tankers came ashore.
The accumulated figures helped in the campaigning for better regulations relating to the operations of ships. Irresponsible tanker crews sometimes flushed their storage tanks whilst at sea which, in effect, created a reduced oil spill but, nonetheless, used to pollute the marine environment and affect auk flocks out at sea. All such now appears to be a thing of the past!

Spent more time getting up to date on the Hato Pinero question in Venezuela and dealing with E-mails. Hopefully some positive action can now move forward to draw attention to what could be an absolute disaster for conservation on the Llanos.

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