Sunday, February 1, 2009

22nd January,2009.

A bad day!! Set off to Felbrigg in heavy rain and , progressively, began to have problems with the car again! Having got on site we took stock and decided to find a garage/agent as the weather was still foul. Eventually we traced a Nissan specialist located, wait for it, two miles from Holt!!! We limped back , as we were now losing power, belching out fumes and certainly not helping the climate!!
May I pay tribute to Crayford and Abbs, the garage, as they sorted out the problem, relayed us back and forth to Holt and restored the situation back to normal. Matthew's eventual prognosis proved correct in that the cause of the problem was a stuck "Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve", now happily cleaned and refitted resulting in the car feeling like new!!!
One consolation was that it rained nearly all day, whilst we remained in the cottage avoiding it all. Bad day finally turned to good day with the return of the car and we spent the rest of the evening planning how best to play catch-up on the sites we'd missed visting.

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