Sunday, February 1, 2009

24th January, 2009.

Early departure with no time for birthday reflections (mine). Called at Santon Downham and had a walk along the river, in both directions, but nothing out of the ordinary. Very cold with a serious frost. An attempt to see the Great Grey Shrike at Lakenheath met with failure and the Redpoll flock there previously appeared to have moved on.
Went past Coveney for the Rough-legged Buzzard, which also allowed us to grab some food. Various groups around , one of which had located the very pale Common Buzzard reported previously from this same area.
Pressing on, not least from the cold, we went across to Rutland Water. A whole selection of nice birds present (2 Great Northern Diver, 23 Red-crested Pochard {surely these aren't all escapes, time to grasp the nettle!},1, poss. 2, Black-necked Grebes, Tree Sparrows at the Centre and a very distant Smew ). A fitting end to what had been a very good holiday!

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