Monday, February 16, 2009

16th February,2009..

An early post in many respects! Finally the weather improved in that it was clear with even a little sunshine for some of the day. It then became a little murky to say the least!!
Spent most of the morning on E-mails relating to the Hato Pinero issue in Venezuela and then had a meeting at the RSPB office at Gruinart to finalise plans for Wednesday's BTO Winter Atlas Survey "bash" on Jura. Quite pleased, in advance, in terms of what will have been achieved this winter in terms of coverage.
Had a good look around Loch Indaal and, quite frankly, am a bit intrigued! Significant numbers of duck seem to have gone,particularly Wigeon. I could find no divers on the Inner Loch nor any grebes, although that can sometimes be down to luck! I could only pinpoint around 80 Greater Scaup, which is somewhat bizarre as they don't move out to that extent (800+) at this time of year. A report from a colleague in Berkshire, southern England has seen a similar exodus of Pochard from a wintering area. Awaiting the morrow!!

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