Sunday, February 8, 2009

7th February,2009.

I was somewhat annoyed with myself as I'd followed a weather forecast that predicted snow and poor conditions for us here, which turned out to be totally wrong. A great day, but with a strong, cold northerly wind which kept everything "down". My intentions to have a day in and get paperwork done were set aside in part but, in all honesty, the change in direction produced nothing!! Out on the south Rinns in the morning was very quiet with little that was different. The Lapwing and Golden Plover flocks were still at Cladville, together with odd Redshank, but nothing was on the move over the sea. Small birds are at a premium.

As you might imagine, watched the Six Nations Rugby matches in the afternoon/evening. Well, with two players called Armitage, brothers actually, in the England team, and whose father is called John, it seemed necessary!! The game was poor and nothing to compare with that between Ireland and France , which followed. The latter had two of my favourite players in it anyway ( Chabal and O'Driscoll ).

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