Thursday, April 30, 2009

29th April,2009.

A mixed day in many respects with strong easterlies and showers. Weather to pray for on the east coast of Yorkshire in autumn!!!

Whimbrel now are moving into their main period of passage through Islay with several groups seen, the majority feeding in coastal fields or resting on the shoreline. Flock numbers are begining to increase too. Each season I resolve to try and assemble a total of birds seen, which I will do this year, as I guess we'll be quite surprised at the outcome.

A new Corncrake, odd additional Sedge Warbler and, finally, the passage of Goldfinch appears to have reduced. Siskin and Lesser Redpoll are still coming through in very small numbers. The sea was very quiet with a few auks north and Gannets, as ever, patrolling offshore.

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