Sunday, April 12, 2009

Slow but sure!

Both the weather and activities were much the same as yesterday!

The sea produced very little with far fewer birds on the move. I tracked down the ca.150 Golden Plover I thought were migrants yesterday when they suddenly swirled around again. They're using an area of "dead ground", taking to flight only occasionally, and are all "Northerns" in resplendent plumage. Completed some BTO Atlas work ( Roving Records )and pulled in one or two useful records, e.g. Snipe. Willow Warblers are now more widely spread , although not yet arrived in full force.

Survey of woodlands at Skerrols produced Bullfinch, which is by no means a common bird on Islay, although quite widely spread. Another common species, Black-headed Gull, which breeds here but whose numbers reduce quite markedley in winter, is now back near the nesting areas and I was quite surprised to find ca.110 at the head of Loch Indaal. You can tell all the interesting species have virtually gone when you start counting Black-headed Gulls!!!!! Odd Swallows completed the round of what was a day largely given over to survey work but, nonetheless, hugely enjoyable.

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