Thursday, April 2, 2009

2nd April, 2009.

An absolutely glorious day to the extent I didn't wear a hat!!! Blue sky, sun , warmth....this is it, folks!!

Goose counting all day, which I guess will be one of the last given the winds have turned southerly. The geese have an uncanny ability to "read" the weather and seemingly take advantage of it, in this case gaining the support of a southerly wind for a non-stop flight to Iceland. However they did seem rather placid, as opposed to the restless atmosphere which sometimes seems to pervade the flocks previous to departure. As this spell of good weather is forecast to last for several days it will be interesting to see how the theories hold out!!!

Clearly small parties of Sand Martin were moving through and also present in a couple of areas. Odd Wheatear around but they're not yet generally spread and I haven't yet had any at home. Contrasted against my comments in a recent post Pied Wagtails were generally distributed around many farmsteads, but several parties of both Meadow Pipit and Skylark were seen despite many birds being on territory. I'm intrigued by Ravens!! Two groups of 10/12 were seen in my home area, a sudden increase, which I don't believe included local breeding pairs.

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