Saturday, April 4, 2009

Passerines on the move!

Both overnight and throughout the morning the weather was dreadful with heavy rain. During the morning the Goldfinch numbers were high around the feeders but dropped dramatically immediately the weather improved as birds moved away. A little later an appreciable number of Greenfinches "came in" and then departed, with this pattern repeating itself at least three times with differing numbers of birds involved. Even the odd Reed Bunting cascaded down from the sky and spent time feeding and resting. All birds that had seemingly followed through in the wake of the advancing front! Bird movements must be terribly complex and flexible as they respond to the vagaries of the weather affecting their progress.

Late afternoon saw some sun and a pair of Wheatears had turned up locally. My daughters arrived to have part of their Easter school holiday here on Islay after a very packed ferry journey We only having one boat in service at present due to an unfortunate "grounding" last week on the approach to a terminal which saw the boat holed!!! And we talk about the difficulties of birds finding their way......

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