Friday, June 12, 2009

11th June,2009.

Apologies for the lack of postings, folks, but I've been out of it with some strange virus, ear infections etc in addition to transport problems (not even yet resolved) so have had nothing to report.

On the mend and feeling impatient ( a good sign of recovery ). Went up to RSPB Gruinart to arrange various survey work. Absolutely glorious weather , although with a cutting northerly wind if you were out of shelter. It was good to be mobile and just like starting birdwatching again!! Nothing specific, but wheeling Arctic Terns probably took the award. Learned that a Slow Worm had been recorded and photographed last week north of Bridgend, something that is not supposed to be here, although it does occur on Jura.

A little time after I got home, following stocking up with provisions after eating through a good proportion of laid in items in the last two weeks, I had a call reporting a Little Egret had turned up at Gruinart reserve!! Good to feel in the swing again.

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