Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17th June,2009.

A very early post mainly due to not having achieved terribly much today!! The old "Certification Error" problem appears to have arisen again on my main computer, and yet I'm sitting next to it using this laptop, after checking all settings are the same , without having any problems. I suspect, well, hope really, that the entry I submitted to the Blog for yesterday ( the sea trip checking seabird colonies ) will still miraculously appear out of the ether!! I'm begining to get paranoid about all this as I just cannot identify the cause.........any ideas anyone? And I'm increasingly browned off that our friendly security provider , Symantec, sees fit to start reminding me 77 days in advance that my subscription needs renewing!!

The weather broke overnight with rain until midday today. Nonetheless took a run out this morning to check various waters and try and get some brood counts of Grey lag Geese. On one small water six broods held 22 youngsters, the highest being of six, so I doubt we'll see a lessening of numbers this year!!!

OK, let's see if this one works!!

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