Monday, June 15, 2009

13/14th June,2009.

Two days spent struggling to clear a virus on my computer has met with partial success, but not eveything! The orinator has my heartfelt wishes for the future and the direction it might take!!

The last two nights has seen a lot of Curlew activity and calling after dark. Whether this is a consequence of young being about, I've no idea, or is some reinforcement of territory perhaps, but it subsides afterdawn other than in response to overflying Hooded Crows. It won't be long before the fells are quiet and both Curlew and Lapwing leave for feeding areas closer to the shore. I happened on a "local" area a couple of years ago, not that far away from the breeding grounds, where birds fed and rested up for several weeks in a sheltered swathe of land where very little disturbance occurred. And just to add to the avian concert a Barn Owl called from near the house, a strangled cat type call guaranteed to bring a return to restful sleep!!

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