Thursday, June 25, 2009

24th June, 2009.

The conditions overnight from the 23rd had been calm and warm, although a slight wind sprung up early in the morning. Consequently the moth trap had taken a good catch which took me all morning to process and identify. Over a hundred moths were present , the most abundant being Gold Spangle and then White Ermine with 38 and 28 respectively. A single Buff Ermine was also present , which occurs in much fewer numbers up here than its near relative. Old favourites like Buff-tip, Poplar hawk Moth and Elephant Hawk Moth were also present in addition to a whole series of single records of individual species.

A trip up to Gruinart to discuss odd things with James How, the warden, also provided the opportunity to do some general birdwatching. Whilst nothing special was around the "super sunny" conditions were a real treat and provided excellent viewing conditions.

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