Saturday, June 13, 2009

12th June,2009.

A group of us on Jura for the day completing BTO Atlas work. What a joy, absolutely glorious weather, hardly a breath of wind and the colours of the surrounding landscape showing through to full effect!!

As might be suspected there were no surprises in terms of species seen but it was good to get some positive breeding confirmations. I was disappointed not to see any terns associated around the islands north of Craighouse, although I didn't have a lot of time to check. Numbers appear to be down on Islay too this year. The weather brought out the butterflies with Small Heath, Marsh Fritillary in good numbers and odd Green-veined White and a Painted Lady thrown in for good measure.

Finally, Happy Birthday to my eldest daughter , Ashley, who I tried to ring at various points during the day, but failed, other than to leave messages!!! Doubtless recourse to a "normal" landline will resolve the problem.

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