Thursday, May 20, 2010

19th May,2010.

A thoroughly enjoyable first few hours of birdwatching before being fortified by an excellent breakfast. Anybody contemplating visiting Spurn, and requiring B and B accommodation, should consider Mr and Mrs Wells, West Mere Farm (01964 650258),on the outskirts of Kilnsea village, it's great!!

Whilst we had nothing exceptional, views of Grey Plover and other waders in full summer plumage was a delight, and views of Barn Owl, Lesser Whitethroat and Little Tern and a variety of other common species were all obtained in tremendous weather...calm, sunny and warm! As nothing appeared to be on the move we returned to Welwick in the early afternoon and again walked out towards the main drain emptying the nearby low lying farmland into the Humber. As we walked along the retaining bank the Purple Heron suddenly lifted from around 50 m. away and leisurely flew over the adjacent field to another major drain beyond. We had absolutely excellent views and decided not to pursue the bird any further.

So ended what had proved to be a very productive and enjoyable mini-bird tour within know it's the best!!

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