Sunday, May 9, 2010

6th May, 2010.

Well the whole morning was wreathed in excitement, not I might add in anticipation of the Election, change, rebirth and all that , but by the possibility of Choughs finally taking up residence in one of the nest boxes in the barn!!

Frantic calling in the early morning showed a couple of birds to be whizzing around the house, with one periodically going into the entrance in the gable end. This went on all morning and was quite absorbing ( and , in a strange way, exhausting ). Later I had a conversation with James How ( RSPB ) who advised this can happen, sometimes they can nest quite late and wished me luck. Whether or not these were failed adults ,or a new, young pair exploring sites ( my preferred option!! ) I've no idea , but it all completely messed up my day. Suffice to say all the frantic activity was about as decisive as the Election itself as they've not been back so "rebirth and change" appear unlikely in this very local constituency!!

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