Monday, May 24, 2010

22nd May,2010.

With only a few hours before my needing to leave we set out early in the clear, but already warm air of the early morning to visit the Wyming/Redmires area again. The still conditions were ideal for us to enjoy the wall of birdsong arising from different habitats, predominant in which were several Mistle Thrushes at different locations. Grey Wagtail feeding young and Common Sandpiper were the most interesting birds seen and we returned home fairly soon thereafter to allow me to load up ready for departure. A really good week for birds, with many thanks to Matthew for acting as chauffeur and site guide, and to him and Rose for providing a base, hospitality and good company.

After routine goodbyes I left to visit friends near Barnsley ( why is this Mecca of culture and character not in spellchecker?) and spend the rest of the day catching up on news and gossip!!

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