Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5th May,2010.

Well, I'm completing this in the early evening given the whole day has been a waste of time. From soon after dawn the southern part of the Rinns where I live has been enveloped in mist. Now I'm sure there'll be many who will link the conditions to the volcanic dust cloud which has moved south over Scotland, closed the airports and so on, but all I will say is that it was forecast beforehand on various weather sites!!!

A male Whinchat that alighted on the garden wall mid-afternoon looked as bewildered by the weather as I was seeing it!! A couple of pairs of local Northern Wheatears spasmodically have a fall out, which provided some occasional entertainment!! Otherwise I've been busy entering things on to Mapmate or on similar computer duties!! Noticeably local Raven, Buzzard and Hen Harrier have "gone very quiet", which always confirms they are immersed in the early stages of nesting, somewhat later in the Raven's case. Early morning glimpses of the odd bird belies their presence. but very little follows and you certainly don't hear much calling!!

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