Wednesday, May 5, 2010

4th May,2010.

Locally a Grasshopper Warbler had arrived and stoically announced its presence in the early light of dawn. Later a Common Crane was seen arriving into fields near Coul Farm in the NW of the island and produced the inevitable panic to get there before it left. Leave it did an hour or so later, and without being seen too, whilst we were all scanning around for other things!!

At least two groups of "Greenland" Wheatear were seen ( 5 and 9 ) although I also felt our Northern Wheatear numbers had increased on the Rinns. The numbers of "Northern" Golden Plovers are also dwindling around Ballinaby with only ten or so seen hunched down in the furrows of a favoured ploughed field. "White" Wagtails are still to be seen but numbers are possibly past their peak already.

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