Saturday, May 1, 2010

23rd April, 2010.

An early ferry to the mainland in good weather , which then turned foul with rain across the east of Scotland. My intention was to visit the north bank of the Firth of Forth, haven to many wintering wildfowl. Whilst the visit was a short one I wasn't disappointed. Velvet Scoter were present in good numbers, showing off their white wing panels when in flight, and a single Slavonian Grebe in full summer plumage sailed past. Several small groups of Long-tailed Duck were present , the plumages of both sexes contrasting markedly with their appearance at the height of winter. I actually prefer the full winter plumage of both sexes, particularly that of the males. Compared to these the small number of birds we get on Islay seem to move off quite early each spring compared to these. A few Sandwich Terns were around and a small flock of Sand Martin fed low along the strand boundary.

Later, as I arrived in Perth, the weather improved but was still cool after the weather front had moved through.

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