Monday, May 24, 2010

23rd May,2010.

A direct journey northwards in rather hot weather, and with a few stretches with heavy traffic, thankfully saw me arrive on time for the ferry after a quick shop en route. A message to advise a Broad-billed Sandpiper had turned up at the Old Moor Reserve not far from Sheffield, and that No.1 son was setting off to see it, filled me with dark thoughts and the motivation to speed on home in the hope something similar was around... it wasn't!! Eventually arrived home around 2130 hours, picked up a pile of utterly irrelevant mail ( in the name of green conservation, can't we ban mail shots and advertising ... I don't need dresses etc in size 34!! ) downloaded too many E-mails and learned the coalition Government is to impose severe cuts with immediate effect. I thought I lived in paradise on Islay?

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