Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10th March,2009

Early morning saw a fine flock of around 30 Lesser Redpoll not far from the house. As ever restless and calling, their trilling /churring calls ( how do you describe Redpoll calls? )seemingly being very slightly lower in pitch than normal, although the birds showed no obvious signs of being any different!!
From time to time concern has been expressed about the population of Song Thrush in Britain. With the upsurge in post dawn song it's nice, for once, to have a positive line to report in that they appear to be in quite good numbers locally!
The final walk of the day saw an almost full moon in evidence, and calm conditions, resulting in a quite eerie outcome broken only by an overflying and calling Oystercatcher and the distant barking of a Roe Deer. A peaceful end to a day chock full of technological computer challenges, which proved far too difficult to master using the limited expertise of this ageing cyberchild. I'm managing to enter this by utilising my daughters lap top computer and operating under very precise threats I don't wish to contemplate given my track record for "getting things wrong".

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