Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9th March,2009.

A day of short walks and long showers coupled with not very warm temperatures either!!
The inaugural "school run" was completed under a cosmetic cloud, promised recriminations relating to purloined garments and a general air of chaos that left me reaching for the kettle on my return. I now know why Wogan was so popular and sweet tea is a necessary requisite until at least 10 o'clock!!!

Having said all that I can now count the dog as a firm friend. His obedience knows no bounds, with a prompt retiral to his "bed" , when ordered, from where he then studies passing events with forlorn eyes as if he's doing everyone a favour. I was impressed, until it was explained that he does this to avoid being put into the outdoor compound where it's draughty and wet. It's a sad admission to make, but all this seems to be the absolute definition of my being rather gullible.......

A couple of forays out saw a single Red Kite languidly move across the local landscape giving an impression of utter relaxation on the wing. Marvellous!

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