Sunday, March 15, 2009

14th March,2009.

Finally a day that "held", perhaps indicating the weather is finally begining to improve!!
I was struck today by the fact that , since I arrived up here, I'd only recorded Redwings on the first day, and never since, and no Fieldfares at all. By now I would have thought they would have been begining to move back east. A further contrast is that I've had a single Pied Wagtail only, whereas, back on Islay they're most certainly a spring feature! The intriguing elements of bird movements and distributions!!
Lesser Redpoll now seem to be more numerous locally than do Siskins, with a few of the latter coming to the bird feeders, including the odd resplendent male!!
Looking at various websites little seems to be happening on Islay, although a White-billed Diver has been reported off Mull.

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