Monday, March 16, 2009

15th March,2009.

I have to confess from the start that today's entry barely touches on wildlife as, despite time spent out, little of note or difference was seen, although much is around. Perhaps the time can be used for "social commentary".......

In times past the occasional opportunity arose to visit a friend, play, stay for tea and scramble back home on a late bus! Such has now become embedded in the culture as....THE SLEEPOVER!!! I'm not sure if the expression has made the Oxford Dictionary yet, or what the definition would be, but it seems to entail retiring to an upstairs room, spending an endless time on Bebo,staying up very late, hopefully watching a PG rated film,and eating!! Oh ,lots of eating, all the while this being accompanied by a litany from the daughter excluded from the proceedings as to how supplies of anything digestible are disappearing and now we've no apple juice left either!! It all sounds like the reportage of a trader at the Stock Exchange when there's a definite downward run on retail consummables! Eventually, all subsides and you're left with a minimum number of hours to regain your sanity, rest and be ready to deal with the late morning request of "What's for breakfast?"

And then there's dogs! Never stay in a house where the owner has bought the dog a squeaky tennis ball!!! Dogs have an uncanny ability to equal the sound pitch of a football commentator whilst musically masticating behind the settee during the most dramatic parts of a match, in this case that between Rangers and Celtic. And what a match too! Regardless of the outcome both teams provided an occasion to remember with end to end action throughout.

And so, as I lie in my bed at the end of the day, my fists gradually unclenching, I think, " I wonder if I should apply to be on the TV programme, "Grumpy Old Men"? No comments please!!

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