Wednesday, March 25, 2009

24th March,2009.

A final walk out early morning before leaving to return to Islay. The wind had dropped , although it was still cold, a mere prelude to the conditions that would arise later in the day!!
Three Whooper Swans did a fly past, bugling all the while, and a dog Red Fox stole along the edge of the woodland strip above us, showing mainly in silhouette but displaying a fine brush to good effect. I doubt the dog actually saw it but the scent was enough to excite!! Soon enough it was time to set off and take the girls through to school after having a chat with their Mum, who'd arrived back overnight, and then turn south westwards for the long journey to the ferry terminal. Usually the Highland scenery is sufficient to sustain any long journey, but not when the cloud base lowers and the mist rolls in, the wind rises and rain gives you an absolute hammering every inch of the journey! Suffice to say I saw very few birds!! Respite was in the form of a "supermarket shop". taking advantage of an empty car, before the last leg of the journey. Immediately prior to the boat's sudden appearance out of the mist I'd reservations about either its arrival or return but the weather ameliorated a little and, whilst slightly late , we set off. The journey home across the island was pretty poor with very heavy , "horizontal" showers. Close to home a ewe and her two lambs, and not very old ones at that, were loathe to leave the road, where at least the surface had some comparative dryness from that of the adjacent moor. What a way to enter the world!! A bad day, but a signal of new beginings.

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