Monday, March 9, 2009

7th March,2009.

The first morning and the enjoyment of a long walk with the dog!! A mixed environment near Beauly with woodlands, agricultural land and the river. All areas were absolutely bursting with birdsong, which is a real treat contrasted against Islay , where we haven't many of the species anyway, but where most song gets dragged away by the wind except on very calm days. The pleasure of having birds like Yellowhammer, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Tree Sparrow so close at hand was a bonus in itself, although I suppose visitors to Islay view the birds on Loch Indaal in much the same way. A nice change!!

Similarly the pleasure of a night time walk within virtual silence, except for the muted calling of a nearby Tawny Owl, was a quiet end to a fulsome day!!

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