Friday, March 20, 2009

20th March,2009.

Following the mist clearing in the valley, which it did fairly rapidly, we again had an absolutely fabulous day!! Spring is actually here...but for keeps?
The early morning walk had Pink-footed Geese calling in the mist from the lower fields of the wide valley whilst we looked down on its cotton wool expanse. Our return saw four Roe Deer burst through from the adjacent field, cross the road and continue over the extensive plough to the woods beyond. Amazingly their body colour blended so well with that of the dark earth that all that could be seen was four white hindquarters rising and falling in line towards the woodland boundary. The dog never saw them, but did a sterling job once he had the scent with an Olympic standard tug of war ensuing with all the excitement!!
Later a single Small Tortoiseshell butterfly passed over the garden and, from lunchtime, a single Chiffchaff called from the tangled spinney behind the house, its initial song being quite haphazard and dis-jointed until, after a fairly infrequent series of efforts and at the end of the afternoon, its song arose strongly and in the familiar cadence from which its name arises.

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